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Desain Visual yang Menarik akan Membuat Orang Datang dan Membeli Produk Anda. Tapi Itu Baru Setengah Jalan.

Apa pun produk Anda, keberhasilan Anda ditentukan oleh desain yang menarik dan usaha pemasaran yang tertarget.

Blogivan membahas tentang penggunaan kekuatan desain visual untuk keperluan digital marketing. Tapi perlu diingat, desain visual yang menarik itu baru setengah jalan.


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  • It is the highest level of communication... #relationship #relationshipgoals #relationshipquotes #communication #blogivan
  • “Think of the last story that captivated you. Were you interested in the characters? Did you find yourself relating to the protagonist? Did you follow her as she went through a crisis, hoping she’d make it out okay in the end? And when the crisis was finally behind her, did a part of you rejoice? That’s the power of good storytelling.” #story #storytelling #storyteller #steller #blogivan #contentmarketing #bloggerindonesia
  • It is good to be an important person, but it is far more important to be a good person. - General Hoegeng #quotes #indonesia #blogivan #indonesiaku #bloggerindonesia
  • Content curation in 60 seconds.
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  • Writing top-notch content can take dozens of hours if you don’t systematize your approach.

The big picture of the system looks like this:

Decide on a topic.
Explain your topic in simple words.
Write a detailed outline for your topic.
Make research.
Write your first draft.
Edit your first draft.
Polish everything.

Notice how different it is than what most people are doing. 
Most bloggers decide for a topic, write the article, fix the grammar mistakes, and publish.

With this system, you will take the time to front-load the work. 
This will not only make you gain a lot of time but also and also make sure you create really great content.

Credit: CoSchedule
  • " That guy" is called Resistance by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. 
whenever you stop doing something you should be doing in favour of something easier, that's Resistance working its ugly magic on you.
  • "We travel not to escape life... But for life not to escape us."
  • Triple Decker 😄